“Celebramos la Paz” Feb.10-12,2017 in Sant Cugat, Barcelona

“Hoy necesitamos paz! Hoy en día podemos conseguirla… Hoy si, mañana ya no. Hoy porque no sabemos si mañana va a venir! (………) PAZ en Siria, Irak, Libia y Yemen, PAZ en la tierra que nunca vio PAZ “Palestina”. PAZ en África, Asia, América y Europa… “Waels Suliman, director general Caritas Jordania, invitación para el […]

World Peace Forum Jordan 2017

Welcome -Peace World Forum Jordan 2017 NOW IS THE TIME FOR PEACE Did the world understand that?  The Time of peace It is today not tomorrow!! Every second souls dripped that vale this Spiteful world!! Innocent souls that killed by weak souls!! The weapons cannot make PEACE!! The wars cannot make PEACE!! The violence cannot buildPEACE!! Only love can purify the black past… only with love we can know and recognize the others… Only love can build that dream “PEACE”. PEACE in […]

San Cugat 15 November 2016

L’artista Rose Marie Gnausch fa una crida des de Mercantic a totes les persones interessades en l’art i la pau. Concre tament, a persones que vulguin participar en el programa europeu “Elephants for Peace”. El projecte utilitza l’art i la creativitat com a eines principals per a la resolució de conflictes i la seva nova […]

Lecco 28-30 October 2016

(Segue in Italiano) Call for a World of Empathy! The peaceful majority of all countries become visible! Every day is a day to celebrate peace. A day to call out for Peace and Empathy! Images of violence are transported into our homes by the “daily news”.  Due to these images people are disillusioned and feel […]


On the 22nd – 25th of September 2016 Elephants for peace will participate to the World Peace Forum in Florianopolis, Brazil. Come to join us and collaborate for the creation of a peace culture and for its diffusion. Created with the mission of disseminating the message of peace in Europe and throughout the world, the […]

Sarajevo 2014

06-09 of June Sarajevo Peace Event 2014 For the prevention of war and diffusion of a culture of peace Sarajevo Peace event is: A meeting point for activists, practitioners and researchers to exchange thoughts on peace and active nonviolence; An opportunity to review the achievements and challenges related to peace and nonviolence in Europe; An […]

Oswiecim/Auschwitz 2011

On September 1st, 2011, the Elephants for Peace will be in Osweiecim, known to many by the infamous German name Auschwitz. The Elephants for Peace strive to transform the darkest memory of the 20th century into a site and symbol of freedom and community. The mayor of Oswiecim invites everyone to exhibit an Elephant for […]

Strasbourg European Council 20 year reunion 2010

PRESS: Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace – Philippe Dossmann –Les visions de Nelson Mandela Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace –Des lithographies de Mandela Press Release: Elephants for Peace Une exposition en faveur de la paix, au delà des frontières. DOCUMENTS: Flyer Le Manoir du Contades