What we do

We offer the unique opportunity to talk and work for peace in a global context without any political, religious, and commercial implication.

Elephants for Peace is a concept that can be re-enacted in areas of crisis and severe controversy. It is acting as a safe space where you can state your strong and courageous desire for peace without implying that you give up your current identity.

Elephants for Peace acts worldwide with the following means:

Artistic workshops
Art exhibitions of donated peace elephants
Peace parades
Benefit concerts
Social sculptures
Seminars, conferences
Supporting and advising creation of peace activities

…The main motivation behind this non-traditional vision of the artist is to use art as a tool for the participants from across the globe, artists and non-artists to make a collective statement about their desire for a shift in human consciousness in a way that will embody the wisdom of peace and joy of living in harmony with each other on our planet.…
Daphne Trimikliniotis
President of Cyprus Chamber of Art, E.KA.TE

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