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    Naturalemente ROMA

    A collage with three elements: a red ice-cream spoon, a yellow dot and two words. The ice-cream spoon was picked up from a roman café in 1997. On the spoon is imprinted the word "naturalmente" which I continue with ROMA. It is an ice-cream spoon from Rome. The ice- cream spoon stands for the delicious side of life, an indulging form of palpable enjoyment everybody grants oneself from time to time. Especially when travelling in Italy.

    The handwritten words Naturalmente ROMA directs the attention to the eternal city, Rome, a synonym for culture as such, the birthplace of a unified Europe and for finest artistic achievement. All roads lead to Rome. Naturalmente.

    ROMA read backwards becomes Amor. (!) Have you noticed that before? So it becomes even more naturalmente.

    Rose Marie in abbreviation transforms into Ro Ma.

    The yellow circle at the right upper corner stands for the sun, for the source of all life and warmth. The primordial sun.

    Three elements: a red spoon, a yellow collated paper and two words referring to physical delight, culture and the energy of light. Within three objects one can find such a tremendous spectrum of ideas.

    Naturalmente ROMA a trade mark.

    What better label could there be for an artistic endeavor, which is fueled by enthusiasm, imbued with idealism, joy and a sense of togetherness and infused by art historical research?

    With minimal items I like to bring about a maximum of associations.

    The collage as an archeological site, a fundus for many references ex-pressed through the Ding as such. The noticing of a detail integrating the modest objet trouvé tel quel into the work of art. It is at hand to everybody at every day of our life.

    In ideas and comments the work of the collage joints my other artistic expressions such as painting, drawing, photography, performances and site specific installations.

    (RMG 2007)