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    “Colors Creant Pau”
    Peace-creating Colors
    May 2016
    Casa degli Italiani
    Barcelona, Spain

    “Poesia visual d'un món global”
    Visual Poetry of a Global World
    April 2016
    Club Bellaterrra
    Bellaterra, Barcelona, Spain

    “Vibrer avec les Couleurs”
    May 2015
    Place Albertas
    10, rue Espariat

    “Alle Macht dem Frieden”
    dOCUMENTA(13) , Kassel, 2012
    Goetheanlagen, C&A and doccupy Friedrichs Platz
    Multiple Performances
    Reviewed by Lori Waxman

    “Meditative Kunstraeume”
    Abtei Brauweiler, AHO Fine Arts
    Pulheim, Germany, March 2012

    “From Berlin to Oswiecim. A Work of Reconciliation”
    Oswiecim, (Auschwitz), Poland Sept. 2011

    Watch on YouTube

    “Friedenselefanten auf dem Alexanderplatz”
    Peace Festival Alexander Platz
    Berlin, Aug 2011
    Reviewed by Lori Waxman

    “Luxus Neukoelln”
    48 hours Neukoelln
    Kindervilla, Berlin, June 2011
    Group showing
    Curated by Barbara Brockert and Oliver Stuemann

    "Els secrets del Vi"
    Cal Compte
    Torroja Piorat, Catalonia, Spain Dec 2010– Jan 2011
    Curated by Anna Figueras and Joan Abello Juanpere

    "Els secrets del Vi" Installacio de Rose Marie Gnausch
    Cercle Artistic Reial
    Barcelona , Catalonia, Spain Nov 2010

    Site specific installation with photographs, vines and film
    Watch on YouTube
    Curated by Joan Abello Juanpere and Josep Felix Bentz
    Reviewed by Arnau Puig here and here

    “Believing is seeing. Poesia Visual da Rose Marie Gnausch”
    Galerie Antoni Pinyol
    Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Nov 2010

    “Elephants for Peace” Exhibition
    University of Strasbourg
    Strasbourg, France October 2010

    Organizers German embassy in Europe Council 20 years reunion

    Rose Marie Gnausch
"Secrets of the Vine"
    Site specific installation, represented by AHO Fine Arts in October 2010
    Industry of Commerce, Cologne

    "Rose Marie Gnausch with Nelson Mandela and Elephants for Peace"
    Manoir du Contades
    Strasbourg, France, Sept 2010
    Organized by Patrick Rabot, Joel Appoloni

    “Eine grenzenfreie Welt” (A world without borders), Collagen 1991-2010
    Municipal House
    Mülheim, Mosel July 2010

    Organized by Axel Leischer

    “Peace Parade 25 years of a world without borders”
    25th Anniversary of the Schengen Agreement in June 2010

    in collaboration with the World Peace Forum
 “Elephants for Peace”
    Schengen, Luxembourg

    "Die Geheimnisse des Weinstocks"
    Abteil Brauweiler
    Pulheim from March to June 2010
Site specific installation with vines and photographs

    Represented by AHO Fine Arts/Andrea Horstmann, Cologne
    Press review

    "Mosel Lotus " and Go Ganesha Go
    Exhibition Nov. 2009

    Culture Cafe Echternacher Hof
    Kinheim, Germany

    “Go Ganesha Go”
    site specific installation, Cyprus in May 2009
    Cyprus, Ledra Street / Lokmaci checkpoint, Nicosia

    “Go Ganesha Go. A path to peace”
    group exhibition
    Famagusta Gate, Nicosia, Cyprus Jan. 2009

    “Roma-naturalmente, Life of Plants”
    Villa Romana
    Veldenz, July - August 2008

    “Cascades and Lotus 2000-2008”
    Mayoral Office
    Kinheim, July 2008
    Review here and here

    EcoVin Weingut Rudi and Rita
    Trossen, Kinheim May 2008

    “Art Education as an expression of art”
    Performance, Kunstverein
    Essenheim April 2008

    “Cyprus Story, Santiago and the sea”
    National Centre for Media and Communication
    Ludwigshafen, Germany, March-June 2008

    “Mystical Rose”
    Centrum de Roos
    Amsterdam, Holland from March to May 2008

    “Poesie Visuelle I and II” (collage)
    “Blueberries Series” (photography)
    “Lotus” (paintings)
    “Dessins” (drawings)
    City Gallery
    Bernkastel from March to July 2008

    “Art education as an expression of Art”
    multiples performances
    Cultural Days of the Abbey
    Brauweiler Pulheim Sept. 2007
    group showing

    Eifel Culture Days
    Kurfuerstliches Schloss
    Bad Bertrich June -July 2007
    group showing

    “Looking for Home”
    site specific installation
    City Park Wittlich July 2007

    BBK Gallery Mainz " Neu im BBK II "
    May June 2007

    “Nice paintings” (peintures nicoise)
    Luxembourg, Nov. 2006

    Art Days of the Abbey
    Brauweiler Pulheim, Rhein- Erftkreis Sept. 2006
group showing

    “Homage to the Acropolis”

    site specific installation
    Wittlich, Germany August 2006

    “Beatitude on the sugar mountain, 15 years of paintings”
    Residenz am Zuckerberg
    Trier 2006

    “Homage to Giverny”
    Luxembourg April 2005

    Lecture Performance
    Berlin, 3 - 9 April 2003
    Review (english)

    “Einblicke in Berliner Bildende Kunst 2002”
    Berlin Production
    Berlin. Nov. 2002

    group showing

    “documenta 11”
    Lecture Performance
    Kassel, 8 June - 15 September 2002

    “Art Education as an expression of Art”
    New York Material: video, performance
    multiple performance at MoMA, Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Museum of Art
    New York 1998 – 2002

    “An American Art Scene”
    Tweed Gallery
    New York, USA Sept.1999

    group showing

    “Dyptiques Jaune I”
    Museum of Modern Art
    New York, Sept 2000
    group showing

    Muenster 1998

    Young art collection
    BWS Münster 
Foundation of the Association of Savings Banks
    Münster, Germany Jan 1998

    Computing Center Sparkasse
    Offenbach, Germany December 1998

    “Cascade. A Japanese Waterfall”
    Academy Kues
    Bernkastel-Kues June 1997

    “Serie Africaine”
    Academy Kues
    Bernkastel-Kues June – Nov 1997

    Euridice Opera
    Aix-en-Provence, France March 1997

    “Cascades. Colorfields”
    Euridice Opera
    Aix-en-Provence, France July 1996

    “Cascades. Malraux et la Cascade de Nachi”
    Galerie Susini
    Aix-en-Provence, France May 1994