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    Elephants for Peace
    Peace Made Visible
    Traveling exhibition concept

    We are creating
    Of Joy
    And Peace
    transforming sites of Conflict
    Of Today
    that Create the Future
    We Desire.

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    Event Account Go Ganesha Go Nicosia Cyprus 

    Go Ganesha Go Peace Made Visible a civic art peace  movement  created to transcend the division of people, to transform a given site into a place of joy and festivity and to allow spontaneity and creativity of the mind. The first event took place on May 9-10, 2009 at Ledra Street Checkpoint Nicosia, a point of the dividing line within the island country Cyprus.  

    Ledra Street checkpoint was only opened for passage in 2008. It is the pedestrian zone in the middle of the old city of Nicosia, capital of the island. Here the pedestrian zone is cut in half, a checkpoint with visa entry and buffer zone is an uncomforting reality.

    Go Ganesha Go Peace Made visible started to invited people from around the world in 2007 and within the island to create or donate an object in elephant form.  The elephant as a new symbol for peace combines strength, power and peacefulness. The items were created or donated by the international community and by the local population. A glocal event, imbedding bi-communal activities within the international framework.  The item were placed directly at the checkpoint, from both sides of the divide and therefore acknowledged the desire to overcome the unwanted obstacle of a dividing line within the country.

    A symbolic gesture with a lot of meaning. Making visible the peaceful attitude of people on both sides of the divide and within this world.  Setting a visible framework, that can be touched, photographed and recalled as real. The desire for peace is a world phenomena, well known yet often unseen.

    At Ledra Street checkpoint it became reality.  Art has the power to transform a site and to allow people to meet. 

    The event was opened by African drumming by Druminspire at Lokmaci, played by a group of Greek-Turkish and international players. The head of the Goethe Center Mrs. Woermann-Stylianou opened the event, together with  the Deputy Mayor Mr. Celal Cin, the German ambassador Mr. Zeits and the initiator of the movement Rose Marie Gnausch.

    The drummers were leading the way through the checkpoint, had their visa stamped drumming, through the buffer zone into the Greek part of the city.

    The cheerful framework allowed for the spontaneous decision of the German ambassador to speak at the event on the Turkish part, it allowed the spontaneous question and acceptance of the Turkish Deputy Mayor to cross the checkpoint and to speak at the opening on the Greek side. It allowed the two Mayors to meet and to experience a cheerful moment together.

    Mrs. Eleni Mavrou, Mayor of Nicosia ended her speech with the words "Welcome Ganesha to Nicosia"

    And she wished the initiative a successful continuation of the journey.

    Mr. Cin, Deputy Mayor of the Turkish part of the city underscored how happy and supportive the Mayors office is with artistic endeavors.

    Many individuals who are generally not accepted into the country crossed the checkpoint. Equipped with elephant sculptures and images they were part of the movement and since the activity was circling back and forth it all seemed natural to constantly pass from one to the other side.

    35 balloons for 35 years of division were released into the air by the public on both sides, poetry was read in Greek, Turkish and English that had been created especially for the event, workshops where children could draw elephants for peace were held, in order to show their desire of a peaceful attitude to the children of other countries of this planet.

    Never an event had tried to overcome the division by moving simultaneously from both sides towards each other.

    The idea to invite the people to speak and make the desire visible: a new phenomenon. This is not art for the people but by the people. The sense of participation and being part of an active democratic society is achieved.

    The leader of the Druminspire band was very grateful for the opportunity to play at the checkpoint, on both sides and even on the buffer zone. To allow all to come together and play their part Go Ganesha Go Peace Made Visible was created.

    "Art has a huge potential to allow transformation, it might be the only one" said Joseph Beuys.   

    Go Ganesha Go items are all donations and remain in Cyprus until the next event will have a date.

    For participation write to:   


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