Power and Peace


Join us for our Walk for Peace in Barcelona the 23d of Novembre 2023. For more information, check Walk for Peace.

Elephants for Peace is a global participatory art movement. The symbol of the elephant is synonymous with Peace and Power.

Everybody with a desire for a harmonious world is invited to create an elephant figure.

The Peaceful Majority exists. Lets make it visible. Spread the image of the elephant for peace. We offer the platform to make your voice visible.

Why support us?

By supporting the NGO you support Peace initiatives in remote areas, areas of forgotten conflict, areas of conflict, indeed all areas without discriminations.
Join the NGO by printing out and mailing the application form to:

Elephants for Peace
Rose Marie Gnausch
Rebschulweg 26
54470 Bernkastel-Kues

Visit Elephants for Peace on Facebook or ask to join the Facebook group.
If you would like to invite the exhibition or mount an event in your region write to

…In Rose Marie Gnausch, we have found a person who has the will and desire to give peace a setting, someone who is consciously and actively dealing with the topic of world peace. The German artist and art historian put to herself the task of making peace visible and tangible, to provide a space for the majority of peaceful individuals on planet earth to express their desire of peace through art… The abstract concept of peace is given a functioning symbol which states:”I can be powerful yet peaceful”…
Celal CIN
Deputy Mayor
Nicosia Turkish Municipality